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Is Hypertension Dangerous?

Is Hypertension Dangerous?

More than 80 million Ameriicans have been diagnosed with hypertension, or chronic high blood pressure. Scientists believe about half of all American adults have the condition, but many go undiagnosed, because this common disease doesn’t cause symptoms.

Just because it doesn’t come with noticeable signs, that doesn’t mean hypertension is harmless. At Integrative Primary Care in Houston, our care providers understand how dangerous hypertension can be. As part of our comprehensive line of services, our team specializes in diagnosing and managing hypertension. 

We’re also committed to helping our patients gain the knowledge they need for optimal health.

Take a moment to consider your heart health and learn more about hypertension and why doctors refer to it as the “silent killer.”

Hypertension 101

Hypertension describes the condition of having chronically high blood pressure. Your blood pressure measures how much pressure your blood puts on the walls of your arteries, which are blood vessels that carry blood from your heart to other body parts. 

Doctors read your blood pressure by looking at the pressure during a heartbeat — which is the top or systolic number — and between beats — which is the bottom or diastolic number. You’re diagnosed with hypertension when your systolic number is 130 or above and your diastolic number is 80 or higher. 

Hypertension usually develops over a number of years, and people develop the condition for different reasons, such as:

Sometimes, people have hypertension for no identifiable reason, and blood pressure can rise as you age. 

The dangers of hypertension

No matter the reason you develop hypertension, having this condition elevates your risk of developing many other serious medical conditions or complications, including:

Hypertension doesn’t come with noticeable symptoms, which can make it difficult to know you have the condition unless you have your blood pressure evaluated. In fact, it’s often called the “silent killer,” because it silently damages your heart and blood vessels without you knowing it.

Managing hypertension

At Integrative Primary Care, our providers know that high blood pressure doesn’t develop in isolation from the rest of your body and life. That’s why our providers use an integrated approach to managing hypertension

Based on your needs, your provider creates a personalized, holistic hypertension treatment plan. You may be prescribed medications to help alleviate the stress hypertension places on your cardiovascular system. Furthermore, your plan may also include other therapies, such as:

To learn more about the dangers of hypertension, or to get a blood pressure reading, or to get treatment, call 832-500-7585 or book an appointment online with Integrative Primary Care today.

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