ThreeForMe™ Can Help You Say "Goodbye!" to Wrinkles, Facial Veins, Sun Damage, and More

A lifetime of facial expressions, including smiling, laughing, and furrowing your brows can cause changes that present as crows’ feet and laugh lines. Aging can also cause veins in your face to become more prominent, and sun damage can cause dark spots.

At Integrative Primary Care in Houston, TX, Dr. Syed Farhat Zaidi heads a team of medical professionals who can help you turn back the clock, reducing the visibility of skin imperfections on your face and giving you the glow of youth once again. 

How sun damage and aging changes your skin

As you age, you may notice that your skin doesn’t bounce back the way it did in your youth. Why? Sun damage can discolor and weather the skin, and the decrease of collagen production — as well as gravity — can cause deep lines and wrinkles to appear, making the skin sag.

Introducing the ThreeForMe™ system

The ThreeForMe treatment tackles all of your facial woes in one easy treatment! It combines the time-tested approaches of intense pulsed light (IPL) and fractional non-ablative laser technology to gently reveal your healthy, young skin to the world. 

How intense pulsed light works

Intense pulsed light (IPL) works by concentrating several wavelengths of light across the skin. This focused light energy targets the pigment in the dermis, the layer below the outer epidermis, where sunspots and liver spots form. IPL is not harsh or damaging to the skin, and it can safely be used anywhere on the body to reverse sun damage, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and remove unwanted hair. 

How fractional non-ablative laser therapy works

Fractional non-ablative laser therapy works by using heat to encourage the collagen just beneath the skin’s surface to regenerate. Increased production of collagen means increased hydration of the skin, as well as increased elasticity. Unlike ablative lasers, this type of therapy doesn’t remove the top layers of skin.

The combination of IPL and non-ablative laser technologies remove blemishes and wrinkles while also encouraging the skin to restore itself. Either the IPL or the ablative laser alone could improve the appearance of the skin, but together, they create the Three ForMe treatment which works to minimize the “big three” of sun damage, wrinkles, and facial veins all at the same time for long-lasting results.  

Treatments only take about 30 minutes, and they can be repeated at intervals until your face looks fully refreshed and rejuvenated. 

If you are interested in this multifaceted treatment for a younger-looking you, call our office at 281-369-8542 or book a consultation using our convenient online scheduling tool today. 

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